Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Finished the gold.

It was basecoated with scorched brown, followed by a highlight with 50:50 scorched brown:burnished gold, followed by 50:50 burnished gold: mitril silver. The gold was then given a final wash of Leviathan Purple

The skin was given a basecoat of Vallejo Game Colour Dark Fleshtone.
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Saturday, 1 August 2009

An updated picture of Aldebrand. I gave the metals a second wash with Badab Black, followed by some Orygn Flesh, and finally some Thraka Green. Highlighted a second time with Boltgun Metal followed by Mithril Silver.

I made a start with the headband, just adding the green banding, as well as adding the basecoat to the hawk with Chardaon Granite.

Detailing of the metal next, must come up with a good gold recipe! And I still can't make out with the detail on the right shoulder paint or the breastplate is! There is a scroll on the breastplate but whats above it i don't know, maybe a cherub?
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