Sunday, 20 March 2011

Catachan Demolition Trooper

Hi gang,

this is the first painted miniature for the diorama I am making and outlined two post ago.

Combined picture of Catachan Trooper

I'm quite happy with how's he's turned out. There is a shine from the picture taking process on the mini which is not present in real life. In saying that I haven't given him a coat of varnish just yet. I might wait until all six of the Catachan's are painted for this diorama.

Monday, 14 March 2011


Hi gang,

Finally it's done! I have painted all 60 zombies ready to be unleased upon a gaming board in a shambling hoarde of brain lust.

Full unit view
Close up
Close up 2!
Not much more to say really only thank God they are done! I'll not want to paint zombies for a while now! Next up for the VC army is a nice Necromancer to put some life in this horde and generally order them about. I like rewarding myself with a one off mini after grinding through a large unit.


Friday, 11 March 2011

My first Diorama

Hi gang,

So after nearly 20 years being interested in this hobby, I have never created a diorama. I thought it was about time to change this. So I floundered around for an idea or concept that really inspired me and I finally hit on this picture of the Catachans.

Catachan's advancing through jungle
This is a classic Catachan image as far as I'm concerned, a lone squad advancing through heavy foliage surrounded by enemies. So this is the image I want to try and capture in my diorama.

The first step was of course to find something to base this diorama on and I found just the thing. One side of a box which originally held a set of oil paints.

The diorama base
 I had to clean this fella up, this included removing the hinges (which you can see) and sanding the sides down. From here I then used expanding foam to build up the ground level within the base.

Foam ground work 
This foam was then cut back to underneath the rim of the base. From here I then went outside and did some scouting for diorama foilage. And I found the motherload! A couple of years ago I cut down ivy from our house. It provided me with great bendy tree like forms.

Ivy to the rescue!
So I broke up this ivy and went about securing it to the foam in a hopefully pleasing and dramatic way!

I also have gotten out the mini's I want to have in this diorama.

Catachan Squad Assemble!
More updates as I progress.

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