Thursday, 8 April 2010

Inital Airbrushing Impressions

Hi all,

So i've been playing around with my airbrush and so far its been a fairly steep learning curve. The pressure setting on the compressor was the inital varable I was focusing on. The compressor seems to be able to give me anywhere between 5 and 60psi, which from my reading online is more than what I need for hobby airbrushing. From there I have been focusing on the gravity feed airbrush, this airbrush has a 0.3mm nozzle. Some blogs and forum topics have recommended a 0.25mm nozzle, but I'm happen enough to use this size for the time being to get some experience using this nozzle. 

I practiced airbrushing by basecoating the base of the forgeworld large scale marine with black.
 I think it worked pretty well. The main thing for me it seems is that I need to get the proportion of paint to thinner right. I've had problems with the paint being too thin when I applied. I pressume this will come with time and practice. The red marks were used for the pinning of the feet to the base, while the resin showing through happened when I was doing said pinning. I'm going to continue doing the ground work with the airbrush, next up some brown paint.

Finally I came up with what I think was one of my greatest idea's.

A piece of wood with holes in it you say? I was having a problem with holding my mini's in between painting, so one piece of wood which had a quick run in with a drill later.............

So once a mini is pinned and when I want to use both my hands, in the mini goes to the piece of wood.

Onward and upward from here!

Monday, 5 April 2010

My New Airbrush

Hi all

I got a brand new toy today! What I got inside the cardboard box.

The gravity loaded double action airbrush.

The second airbrush that came in the pack, a suction double action airbrush.

Unpacking the compressor.

And when its fully unpacked.

So as you can see its a nice compact compressor, not even taking up a full A4 pad. I've turned it on and its lovely and quiet. I won't be bothering anyone with it thats for sure. I've had a go at getting both airbrushes connected to the compressor and did a little spraying with water to get a feel of the double action. I also figured out how to change the pressure on the compressor, after a little bit of panic, when a spring got lost! Tomorrow I'll have a go at airbrushing in earnest by starting with some paint on plasticard.

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