Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Malakim Phoros PtII

Now I have a confession to make. When I was posting my last pictures I was going through the Imperial Armour entry for Malakim I realised that the weapon entry did not say just a "two handed, master-crafted power weapon" but a "two handed, master-crafted power glaive". This meant I had to do some last minute conversion. Luckly I had just the right piece to replace the right arm. So a quick pinning job later I came up with this.



I'm quite happy with how it turned out. How I've just to paint it obviously.

I've also done some intial work on the base for Malakim.


Inital basecoat of Sorched Brown, with a wash of Brown Ink. I then basecoated the concrete grey and the metal Boltgun Metal. Using some forgeworld weathering powders I 'rusted' the metal. I also basecoated the space marine helmet half red and half yellow, the colours of the Lamenters hated enemies The Minotaurs, who more or less wiped out the chapter during the Badab War.


More updates tomorrow I hope!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Malakim Phoros

Once again I've moved onto another project I'm working on in my usual hobby buffet style of doing things. Why oh why can't I focus on and finish one thing at a time!

At least it's the same general type of thing, that being Lamenters Space Marines. In the new Forgeworld book (IA9) there are rules for the chapter master of the Lamenters; 'Malakim Phoros, Master of the Lamenters, Lord of Ruin, Watcher of the Deeps'.

Obvoliously I'm not going to give his stats but his wargear consists of Artificer Armour, an Infernus pistol, a two-handed, master-crafted power weapon and an iron halo. Of course as a Lamenter player/collector this is an oppertunity I couldn't pass up to convert a miniature. This is what I've come up with.

So it's the old Emperor's champion model with a Deamonhunters sword and converted pistol. This is very early WiP though and I've only really done work on the talbard and the models left leg, so the right leg as we look at it.

The model is being undercoated with Iydanden Darksun and shaded by adding successive amounts of Scorched Brown. It was then highlighted with Golden Yellow, but I think I might need more highlighting at this stage.

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