Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Large Scale Marine Sculpt

Hello gang,

I am also working on construction of the large scale FW marine which I got last christmas. I wanted to show some battle damage and as such took a knife to the helmet and started gouging away.

Space marine head

The black marks are just general guidelines where I want the cheakbones, eyes, nose and mouth to be. I broke out the milliput yesterday and did my best with the sculpting.
Sculpted face
Its not going to get me a job sculpting anytime soon, but I'm happy with the result. More updates soon!

Friday, 3 September 2010

More Saurus

Hi all,
just a quick update to let you guys know I've finished the second unit of Saurus that came in the battalion.  I've equipped this regiment with spears.

Second Saurus Unit
So this is what I've painted from the battalion so far.

Two Saurus and one Skink units

Next on the list is the final Skink unit from the box set, and then finally onto the cold one riders. I also am after getting an email from forgeworld announcing their next IA release. They are only going and releasing a Badab IA! A definite purchase for a Lamenters collector like me. Here's hoping for Lamenter models/upgrade packs/shoulder pads and more indepth fluff.

Until next time keep painting!

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