Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Quick Space Hulk update

I know in my last post I said that I had painted nothing over the weekend as I was away from the paint and brush. I did have the inital coat of pink on the nids from the space hulk game done before I left, which I had not shown before. So here they are.

There we go! Only a very quick update today. Looking at these guys I will have to do another one or two layers just to get the pink perfectly smooth. As you can also see, I did get the inital basecoat of red on any marine armour they have ripped up.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Weekend Trip to Killarney

I did no painting for the last couple of days, as I went to the south west of Ireland to Killarney town. Its a really beautiful spot, carved by glaciers in the last ice age. Amazing lakes, right against beautiful mountains all combine for a unique area in Ireland.

Myself, my mother and my girlfriend spent three hours yesterday walking the Gap of Dunloe.

The good lady and myself just below the Gap. While we did get up on the rock for a picture, this one was not posed I swear, my mother took it without my knowledge. The staring into the distance was not planned. I infact was looking at sheep just down the road.

And my mam, at the actual Gap. I love the sunlight on the mountains at the back but we were in the shade.

So all in all, a lovely weekend, with plently of Guinness drank too.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

First Space Hulk Game

I played my first game of Space Hulk during the weekend. Had a great time with the game and played the first and second mission's in the mission book. Both these missions seemed really tough on the marines, as they lost all four games. I hear the mission's go a little easier on them when they get the extra squad.

A little in action shot, with the only painted nid I have facing down the storm bolters of the Blood Angels.

So yesterday, I decided to continue with the painting of the nids, and went to put out a little bit of pink paint, which turned into a complete disaster.

Fecking pink paint everywhere! I made an attempt to try and scoop the excess into the pot. I got the majority of it back in I think and got the rest of the nids basecoated in pink. I'd have wanted to with that amount of paint!
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Friday, 18 September 2009

New forgeworld ork stuff

I just had to post and comment on the new ork mini's that have just been previewed on the forgeworld website.

Awesome sauce, absolutely awesome sauce. Orks being one of my favourite armies, I am delighted to to see forgeworld add some new mini's to their range and what absolutely beasts these guys are!

I have also just spotted these guys! I know they have been designed to sit on the back of the battlewagon, but I think they would be great as the heavy support free standing guns also.

Now if i only had the money!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Space Hulk Nid Continued 2

Hi all,

From my last post you can see that I was not that happy with the chitin and how it was turning out. So i just decided to go out and give a couple of different colours a go and see what i liked.

This first chitin colour was the previously shown GW Hormagaunt Purple.

This second colour was GW Fenris Grey

This third colour was GW Mordian Blue

And the final colour was GW Astronomican Grey, with a Purple Wash

I actully really liked this final colour, especially when I had give it a wash with GW Leviathan Purple Wash. I think this will be my final colour scheme, as it has everything I was looking for, simple to do, with just three colours, followed by a Leviathan purple wash and striking. Hopefully the next post with nids in it will have all the Space Hulk Nids painted up like this.

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Monday, 14 September 2009

Space Hulk Nid Continued

Ahh the wonders of a test mini! Having painted the carapace of this guy in Hormagaunt purple and given it a wash with both Leviathan purple and Badab black, I was not happy. The "greyness" of the Hormagaunt purple was not deep enough for me, so I decided to change tack and decided to give GW Liche Purple a go on carparace. It turned out a lot better I think, but I'm always one to give a bad idea a second chance, I decided to try out the Hormagaunt purple on the claws, which once again I'm not happy with, so I think I might give the Liche Purple a go on there two.

I am also very happy with how the Vallejo Warlord purple turned out on the tongue. So as a paint scheme checklist goes I am very happy with the pink fleshy bits and tongue, reasonably happy with the purple carapace and not happy at all with the claws. I still have one or two idea's to play with colour scheme wise, so don't be surprised to see this poor test model back again.

I am just trying to keep my goal of a simple paint scheme foremost in my mind! A black basecoat, two or three solid zones of colour and then then addition of a wash to finish is the aim. Of course it has to look some way half decent too!
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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Space Hulk Nid WiP

It seems that like most people in the world who have any interest in the world of GW and 40k especially, I got very excited about the limited edition release of Space Hulk. Now the 2nd edition of the game was the very first game I bought from GW and myself and my brothers put down a great summer playing around with it. Of course I caved in and bought the game even though I had initially tried to hold out. I think everyone agrees that while its basically the same game as the 1st edition, the really improvement is in the quality of the miniatures they supplied in the box. I still use and have the original terminators from the 2nd edition of the game, but the new ones are a real generation leap forward in terms of detail and craftsmanship. Both the terminators and genestealers are just crying out for a nice paint job to set off the quality of the sculpts. Having painted alot of space marines in the last year or two, I was first drawn to the genestealers and decided to try and come up with a paint scheme slightly different from the box version but not too different. I always liked nid schemes that suggested the soft squishiness of the nid under all that hard chitin armour. This is what I've come up with.

Firstly a undercoat with Black

I then went with a basecoat of Vallejo "Squid Pink" for the fleshy bits and GW "Hormagaunt Purple" for the harder chitin on the arms, legs and body

For the first wash I gave the whole model a light wash with GW "Leviathan Purple" and left to dry

Thats where I've gotten to so far. The Leviathan Purple wash has not shown up great on the chitin area's so I'm thinking of hitting that with a Badab Black wash. I think I am going to leave the flesh as is for now though. I want to transfer this scheme to the rest of my nid models. I have a battleforce here somewhere and I don't want a time consuming highlighting method if I have 50 gaunts to paint. Next update will hopefully have this test mini finished off.
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Thursday, 10 September 2009

Inital work on an Inquisitor Band

A friend of mine, suggested that we give the game of Inquisitor a try. Now not willing to shell out money on a load of new 54mm models, we decided to give it a go at 30mm. So I went rumaging about in my bits boxes and unpainted mini's to see what sort of models I could find. I was mainly aiming for characterful mini's that really display some character and these are the guys that I came up with.

Grand Redemptionist Arin Lova.
Born a high ranking member of the Cawdor house on Necromunda, which is known for its loyality to the redemptionist cult, Lova was in the postion where his firey zeal was noticed by the Inquisitor Lord Marku Joback. Taken under this senior puritian Inquisitor's wing he quickly moved up the ranks in the Inquisition. This dispite his extreme puritan views have lead him to butt heads against many in the Inquisition, who would have more 'open minded' views when it comes to dealing with the taint of mutation especially. Like all members of the redemptionst cult he has an unhealty obession with the cleasing purity of fire, and strives to clear any planet he arrives on with flamer and multi melta.

Captain Ivan 'Three lungs' Forrest of the Catachan III
An experienced career soldier, Ivan has seen action in almost all theatre's of war, from deadly zero g battle's on the moon of Kord IV, to the subterranean fighting on Dulma'lin with Colonel Straken of the Catachan II. He earned his nickname after being severly injured in the chest with a autogun slug in a bar-room brawl on Necromunda. A metal replacement lung allows him smoke foul cigar's accured from a Rogue Trader who assured him they were all the rage amoung the 'Wild Races' in the Halo Stars, but prove almost fatal to human's causing them to collapse into a coma. When waking from his surgery he found himself looking into the buring fanatical eye's of Inquisitor Lova, who had witnessed the brawl where despite his injuries it required five men to actually pin Ivan down and throw him out.

Private First Class Kirk Lam

Kirk is a recent recuit to the Cadian Army. He became attached to Inquisitor Lova, in unknown circumstances during the 'Eye of Terror' campagain. Neither man talks about what happened the night Lova introduced Lam to the other members of his escort, but it is widely rumoured that it might have something to do with a long running, seemingly friendly set of bets Lova has with Ursarker Creed.
Pysker Regius Krumb
Another member of Lova's escort which he has aquired from Ursarker Creed. Krumb has an ability to see true into the hearts of men, for even the slightest hint of corruption. A skill Lova values most highly, even if it strays dangerously close to hersey itself. Maybe because of this Krumb is a quiet man, saying little and smiling even less.

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Continued Inquisitor Band

Sorcha Ikald
Sorcha was freed from a death warrent put out on her by the Enforcers of Necromunda Hive Primus after a particularly brutal shoot out between Gang Escher and themselves. It was rumoured that her heavy stubber accounted for five enforcers and an equal amount of cyber-mastifs. When pushed on the matter, Sorcha just says that "she's more a cat person"

'Wild' Joe Johnson
A freed slave from the pits of Necromunda Hive Primus, Joe has a wild temper and an eye for the ladies, something Lova does not particularly agree with, but is willing to overlook due to Joe's ability with his pistol. One of Joe's tasks in the depths of Necromunda was keeping the rat population under some measure of control, combined with the darkness in the depths and his razor sharp hearing, his ability to aim true is almost supernatural. He's latest target though is Sorcha, something she's not too happy about.

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