Tuesday, 22 September 2009

First Space Hulk Game

I played my first game of Space Hulk during the weekend. Had a great time with the game and played the first and second mission's in the mission book. Both these missions seemed really tough on the marines, as they lost all four games. I hear the mission's go a little easier on them when they get the extra squad.

A little in action shot, with the only painted nid I have facing down the storm bolters of the Blood Angels.

So yesterday, I decided to continue with the painting of the nids, and went to put out a little bit of pink paint, which turned into a complete disaster.

Fecking pink paint everywhere! I made an attempt to try and scoop the excess into the pot. I got the majority of it back in I think and got the rest of the nids basecoated in pink. I'd have wanted to with that amount of paint!
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  1. You've nearly got enough paint there to dip them!

    That's the problem with those Vallejo bottles. After it's happened to you once (Shining Silver - it went e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e) you make damn sure it'll never happen again.

  2. Holy cow, you bought the Citadel palette?

  3. Curse those Vallejo bottles! Many times I have had the dropper portion stick in the cap as I would pour paint onto my palette instead of a dainty drop.


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