Saturday, 12 September 2009

Space Hulk Nid WiP

It seems that like most people in the world who have any interest in the world of GW and 40k especially, I got very excited about the limited edition release of Space Hulk. Now the 2nd edition of the game was the very first game I bought from GW and myself and my brothers put down a great summer playing around with it. Of course I caved in and bought the game even though I had initially tried to hold out. I think everyone agrees that while its basically the same game as the 1st edition, the really improvement is in the quality of the miniatures they supplied in the box. I still use and have the original terminators from the 2nd edition of the game, but the new ones are a real generation leap forward in terms of detail and craftsmanship. Both the terminators and genestealers are just crying out for a nice paint job to set off the quality of the sculpts. Having painted alot of space marines in the last year or two, I was first drawn to the genestealers and decided to try and come up with a paint scheme slightly different from the box version but not too different. I always liked nid schemes that suggested the soft squishiness of the nid under all that hard chitin armour. This is what I've come up with.

Firstly a undercoat with Black

I then went with a basecoat of Vallejo "Squid Pink" for the fleshy bits and GW "Hormagaunt Purple" for the harder chitin on the arms, legs and body

For the first wash I gave the whole model a light wash with GW "Leviathan Purple" and left to dry

Thats where I've gotten to so far. The Leviathan Purple wash has not shown up great on the chitin area's so I'm thinking of hitting that with a Badab Black wash. I think I am going to leave the flesh as is for now though. I want to transfer this scheme to the rest of my nid models. I have a battleforce here somewhere and I don't want a time consuming highlighting method if I have 50 gaunts to paint. Next update will hopefully have this test mini finished off.
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