Thursday, 10 September 2009

Inital work on an Inquisitor Band

A friend of mine, suggested that we give the game of Inquisitor a try. Now not willing to shell out money on a load of new 54mm models, we decided to give it a go at 30mm. So I went rumaging about in my bits boxes and unpainted mini's to see what sort of models I could find. I was mainly aiming for characterful mini's that really display some character and these are the guys that I came up with.

Grand Redemptionist Arin Lova.
Born a high ranking member of the Cawdor house on Necromunda, which is known for its loyality to the redemptionist cult, Lova was in the postion where his firey zeal was noticed by the Inquisitor Lord Marku Joback. Taken under this senior puritian Inquisitor's wing he quickly moved up the ranks in the Inquisition. This dispite his extreme puritan views have lead him to butt heads against many in the Inquisition, who would have more 'open minded' views when it comes to dealing with the taint of mutation especially. Like all members of the redemptionst cult he has an unhealty obession with the cleasing purity of fire, and strives to clear any planet he arrives on with flamer and multi melta.

Captain Ivan 'Three lungs' Forrest of the Catachan III
An experienced career soldier, Ivan has seen action in almost all theatre's of war, from deadly zero g battle's on the moon of Kord IV, to the subterranean fighting on Dulma'lin with Colonel Straken of the Catachan II. He earned his nickname after being severly injured in the chest with a autogun slug in a bar-room brawl on Necromunda. A metal replacement lung allows him smoke foul cigar's accured from a Rogue Trader who assured him they were all the rage amoung the 'Wild Races' in the Halo Stars, but prove almost fatal to human's causing them to collapse into a coma. When waking from his surgery he found himself looking into the buring fanatical eye's of Inquisitor Lova, who had witnessed the brawl where despite his injuries it required five men to actually pin Ivan down and throw him out.

Private First Class Kirk Lam

Kirk is a recent recuit to the Cadian Army. He became attached to Inquisitor Lova, in unknown circumstances during the 'Eye of Terror' campagain. Neither man talks about what happened the night Lova introduced Lam to the other members of his escort, but it is widely rumoured that it might have something to do with a long running, seemingly friendly set of bets Lova has with Ursarker Creed.
Pysker Regius Krumb
Another member of Lova's escort which he has aquired from Ursarker Creed. Krumb has an ability to see true into the hearts of men, for even the slightest hint of corruption. A skill Lova values most highly, even if it strays dangerously close to hersey itself. Maybe because of this Krumb is a quiet man, saying little and smiling even less.

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  1. Maybe Vinny you should resurrect this warband for some Inquisimunda games?


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