Monday, 14 September 2009

Space Hulk Nid Continued

Ahh the wonders of a test mini! Having painted the carapace of this guy in Hormagaunt purple and given it a wash with both Leviathan purple and Badab black, I was not happy. The "greyness" of the Hormagaunt purple was not deep enough for me, so I decided to change tack and decided to give GW Liche Purple a go on carparace. It turned out a lot better I think, but I'm always one to give a bad idea a second chance, I decided to try out the Hormagaunt purple on the claws, which once again I'm not happy with, so I think I might give the Liche Purple a go on there two.

I am also very happy with how the Vallejo Warlord purple turned out on the tongue. So as a paint scheme checklist goes I am very happy with the pink fleshy bits and tongue, reasonably happy with the purple carapace and not happy at all with the claws. I still have one or two idea's to play with colour scheme wise, so don't be surprised to see this poor test model back again.

I am just trying to keep my goal of a simple paint scheme foremost in my mind! A black basecoat, two or three solid zones of colour and then then addition of a wash to finish is the aim. Of course it has to look some way half decent too!
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