Monday, 5 April 2010

My New Airbrush

Hi all

I got a brand new toy today! What I got inside the cardboard box.

The gravity loaded double action airbrush.

The second airbrush that came in the pack, a suction double action airbrush.

Unpacking the compressor.

And when its fully unpacked.

So as you can see its a nice compact compressor, not even taking up a full A4 pad. I've turned it on and its lovely and quiet. I won't be bothering anyone with it thats for sure. I've had a go at getting both airbrushes connected to the compressor and did a little spraying with water to get a feel of the double action. I also figured out how to change the pressure on the compressor, after a little bit of panic, when a spring got lost! Tomorrow I'll have a go at airbrushing in earnest by starting with some paint on plasticard.


  1. looking nice! how much did you pay for it approx.. ? the compressor especially..

  2. Hey man, nice stuff! Found you via an old link looking for Lamenters! And its really nice to see someone else breaking into the airbrush scene, im looking to get one next week and would love to see how it works out for ya!


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