Sunday, 29 June 2008

Lamenters army Progress

I haven't posted an entry on here for a while, and I must counteract that a bit.

The Lamenters army is proceeding at pace, and I have most of the army painted now. Its currently standing at 1400pts, so only 600pts to go and with only three units left to paint I can see the 2000pt finish line. So onto some pictures

This is the unit I painted this month, a ten man assualt squad.
and when this unit is pictured with the rest of the army, my army currently looks like this

The limit for this competition is 2000pts as I have said, but I did a little bit of a stock take of my current amount of models and I do have enough models to reach about 3000pts. I also have my eye on the upcoming 5th edition 40k box set which gives a huge amount of mini's for a reasonable price, both marines and orks. So I will pick that up in the future.

Now onto the next Lamenters unit which I think is going to be the second devastator squad, and I must also continue to paint my madpuppet gobbo for the swap with Andre.

Thats it for the moment, I'll hopefully post again soon.

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