Thursday, 5 November 2009

This is Sparta!

This mini, if from the Tale of War range, which I really like. I picked him up a couple of years ago after the movie came out to paint. Its been sitting half finished in my "to paint" box for the last couple of years.

Over at a website I'm a member of, they have set up a secret santa. The person I got gave me on guidelines about what to paint only that he has a "DIY space marine chapter". This did not really help me with the painting of a mini for him.

So putting one and one together and getting five, I decided now was the perfect chance to finish this guy off and send him off as my secret santa. How could anyone not be happy with a kick-ass model coming through the post? This is my current WiP

The skin is the closest to being finished. I've maybe one or two more highlights to add and a couple of washes. Instead of the normal flesh wash, I've gone with purple washes and I'm very happy with how its worked out so far. The red needs a couple of touch ups too for it to be finished. The metals are still quite a way off, as I've only done the basecoat. 

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