Monday, 15 March 2010

Horsey Bases!

One of the thing I've decided I need to work on is the basing of my mini's. Up until now they have been the standard PVA/flock combo, which does not really cut the mustard for the display mini's I hope to paint at some stage in my life. So I need to get practicing on improving my basing techniques. To that end I've attempted to make a start on the base of my Empire leader, which I showed pictures of when I first started this blog.

So these three pictures show what I've done. I'm trying to show a grassy overhang on a rocky slope. The rock was made out of some cork board, and the slope created from standard milluput, with a skull pushed into it. Hopefully by paint and the placement of flock will make this look a little more interesting than a normal base.

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