Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Skellie Test Schemes and Necromancer WiP's

Hi everyone,

I've been messing around with the colour scheme for my skelletons and have hit upon what I think is a fairly sweet scheme. So I painted up my test mini last night and here is what he looks like. 

Test Skellie Front
Test Skellie Shield
Test Skellie back
I'm very happy with the bone colour I've achieved. I didn't really want a brown bone colour as I think that should be left to the sun dried Khemri skelletons, this more blacky/grey colour suggests to me more the peaty wet bogs of Sylvania. Purple as my main scheme is a colour I choose mainly because it's not a colour I get to paint very often and I think it suits VC even though it's not a scheme you see very often. Finally I was extremely happy with how the two different metals turned out. Both the coppery metal on the shield and the tarnished dark metal on the spear and ankle chain were techniques taken straight from the painting masters series in different WD's and I think they worked quite well.

I also have been working on the first Necromancer I will have in this army. At the moment he's very WiP with only the purple of the robe and bone areas finished. As you can see I've spent quite a lot more time on the purple of his robe than on the skelletons, but I only have one of him to paint. 

Necromance First WiP
So that's it for the moment. I have the different recipes for the skelleton written down so I can put him to one side and focus on finishing this necromancer and the Imperial Guard Diroma I start last month.

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  1. Looking good Vinny. Nice stuff, I like the purple it does work well for the undead.


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