Friday, 16 December 2011

Secret Santa's (The best thing about Christmas)

Hi everyone,

so here we are again, the final couple of days of 2011. I personally love this time of year. I prefer cold weather over warm, I love Christmas foods, getting to spend time with my family and friends, the pleasant feeling of dozing off in-front of a terrible Christmas movie after over eating. But one of the reason's I really love this time of year (and I'm not ashamed to sound greedy!) is the presents. Funnily enough it's not the presents themselves I love; it's the opening of the presents that I really enjoy. It's the same when I open a new boxed game or blister pack. A sense of excitement of the unknown, the expectation, the anticipation all mean's that it is one of my favourite things. I suppose in a way it's a really childhood feeling.   

So when I received a box in the post this week from an unknown address, which I was not expecting I was quite excited. I had an inkling of what it was but that didn't diminish the anticipation. When I did open it I found a beautifully painted miniature from an unknown person. Most years I join up to a secret Santa on librarium-online and I've never been anything but delighted with how things work out. I know Kuffy who organises the whole thing is a follower of this blog, so if you're reading this man, thanks for all the effort put in over the last couple of years.

So here is the mini I got

Secret Santa 2011
I'm delighted with this guy, one of the reason's is it's beautifully painted, secondly I have no idea what the miniature is or who produces it. It's really is a miniature with mystery, so if anyone can help me out, answers in the comments please.

Apart from that my hobby news is less exciting, I have been painting my Secret Santa to send off, but I don't think it would be fair to post pictures on the blog before the person receives it. It does look like I'm going to miss the Christmas deadline but I should be able to finish it early in the new year. I have also assembled the Cygnar Battlebox. Nothing hugely exciting but here's a picture anyway.

Assembled Cygnar Battlebox
Hopefully between these 4 and the mini's I have for the Merc's myself and my brother might have a few games of Warmachine over Christmas.

And that is where I will leave it. I don't think I'm going to post again until the new year so a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my followers (and casual readers). Thanks for reading my blog over the last 12 months and I hope you all have health and happiness in the coming twelve.

Enjoy opening your presents.

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