Thursday, 22 March 2012

Secret Weapon Washes

I ordered hobby supplies from and I have been delighted with the service and speed of delivery. Sometimes I find it can take up to a month to get a delivery from Britain across the Irish Sea but not with this company. I ordered last week and it arrived within seven days. 

So what did I order?

I've been wanting to try out Secret Weapon Washes for a long time and I took the opportunity to order ten of them. (including the beautifully named "Baby Poop"). Because of this order I got a free full sized tub of weathering powder. I also got a large tub of Vallejo Grey Pumice and some water effects. 

I had a look at the Washes coming out of the packaging and there was some definite sediment. 

But after a quick 30 second shake, sediment be gone!

I'm really looking forward to trying these washes out. 

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