Tuesday, 6 October 2009

On introduction miniatures and Plastic Doomwheels!

I don't know about you guys, but I can remember clearly the first mini I ever saw. It might not sound that important, but if you think about it, this mini is probably the most important model you'll ever see.

Now I would imagine for the vast majority of people the first miniature they would be introduced to is a Space marine. No problem there at all, and indeed a kick-ass space marine miniature, is probably  the 'perfect storm mini' to entice prepubescent/teenage males into the hobby. (No offence to prepubescent/teenage males intended I was one too!) Space marines are consisently the largest selling model range GW have, and this is down to a very strong imaginary, which is easy to explain and understand. Superhuman warrior monks in space sums their background up and its an image which appeals to pretty much everyone. God knows I've enough of them around to know that they appeal to me! 

But my first mini was completely different. It was not a superhuman soldier, it was not even a normalhuman soldier. In fact it was not human at all! You may have guessed by the title of the blog it was a humonid rat ontop of a giant wheel with spikes. This is a classic mini in my book, and one of the weirdest mini's in an army that always throws up weird mini's!

My friend brought this mini into to school unpainted. With heavy old metal mini in my hands, the weighty feel of it was perfect. The little details like all the rats running in the wheel to provide the power, the unusual seat on top, and the questionable ability of the seer to actually control the thing. It all sucked me in and I was hooked. Hooked on everything about mini's, and I fear now after 13 years I'm going to be hooked for ever. What it says about me that the doomwheel burst my mini cherry, I do not know.

Unfortuanately newer people to the hobby may have never even heard of this old classic. as it was not in the previous army book. Browsing the GW site this morning I see that they are releasing a plastic version of the doomwheel for the new army book!

Despite all my eulogising of the old school mini, I never actually owned a version. So here we go again, the old mini collectors guilt. Even though I have no intention of collecting skaven, (even though I do have soft spot for them) I intend to pick up a Doomwheel. Games Workshop reach into my pocket and take my money because of nostiliga. The worst thing? I love them for it.

So? Can you guys remember the first mini that you ever saw? What effect did it have on you?


  1. the first I remember was in the 80s, the RT plastic marines box set, and at the same time, and much more memorable was the metal jetbike, that had a plastic marine rider, and was much smaller than the new Master of the Ravenwing bike.

    I still have it, I think I will have rebuild it now.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  2. I love the doomwheel! I'm glad that new Skaven are coming at long, long last.

    I think the first minis I ever saw were either Space Orks or maybe Crimson Fists in Mrk6 beaky armour.

  3. The first mini I ever saw was some sort of goblin that my brother brought home. No idea what game it came from but he painted it up and game it to me and I loved that damned thing (sat on top of my speakers, pc monitor etc for years) That was about 20 years ago. My first GW mini was a Thousand Son Sorcerer and he was awesome. Not to long after that I found my closest GW store and bought Battle for Macragge and have never looked back.

  4. It was skaven for me too! the furry rat things drew me into their grasps and i am yet to escape!

    since i was so young at the time i never got a fully army up and running nor did i have anyone to play or hobby with but i did amass a fair number of models so the doom wheel verminlord and screaming bell all reside in my cupboard somewhere :)

    with their re-release i will be returning to them once more...

  5. One of the first miniatures I ever remembering seeing and owning was the three champions of Nurgle blister. It was the one with the fly headed guy, the dude with one arm and a third one with full armour and some weird worm thing coming out his face.


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