Sunday, 22 August 2010

My first Painted WFB Regiment

I've done it! As the title of the blog says, I've managed to paint a WFB regiment for the first time in my life. In fairness though I wasn't trying too hard previously, this being my first proper attempt at it.

So two post ago I had outlined the constructing and basing of the Lizardman Battlation I had purchased a couple of years ago. Well I got the colour scheme down, and over the last week got settled down and painted it up. The scheme is easy enough to allow me to paint fairly fast.

GW Foundation Macharius Solar Orange, followed by a strong wash of Baal Red
GW Foundation Fenris Grey, drybrush of Game Colour Dead Flesh, followed by a strong wash of Baal Red
Tin Blitz
Sheilds and Totem:
Game Colour Falcon Turquoise, drybrush of Game Colour Dead Flesh, strong wash of GW Asurmen Blue
GW Foundation Dheneb Stone, strong wash of GW Devlan Mud
GW Scorched Brown, drybrush of Game Colour Bonewhite

So as you can see absolutely nothing fancy whatsoever in terms of technique, but I am very happy with the way the unit turned out, and God knows if I am to make it through painting the whole Battalion I need a quick and easy painting method. Anyway onto pictures.

Next up Skinks!

1 comment:

  1. They look OK dude, but something bothers me. The grey scales sort of seem odd, the two colours appear much too separate. I am unsure how to explain it, but it just doesn't sit well with my eyes.

    I do look forward to seeing more stuff though dude, I would like to see you get a fantasy army out on the tables.

    Then perhaps to WHW for the next LO meet next year. -__^ =P


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