Sunday, 29 August 2010

Skinks anyone?

Hello everyone.

I started a unit of skinks on Wednesday. Firstly  I got rid of any visible mold lines and then blue-tacked them onto a piece of cork-board, and undercoated them with Choas Black.
Undercoated unit of Skinks
 From here I broke out my new airbrush. Then with a mixture of Vallejo Touquoirse Blue I gave the whole unit a basecoat.

Basecoated Skinks
 I then drybrushed the whole unit with Vallejo Dead Flesh

Drybrushed Skink Unit
 Then I gave the whole unit a wash with GW Asumeran Blue.

Skinks after wash
All these steps took me only an half an hour to an hour. From here I then worked on adding the details.

Scales: Vallejo Dead Flesh, Wash of GW Devlan Mud
Metals: GW Tin Blitz
Eyes:GW Iydanden Yellow
Base: Scorched Brown Basecoat, Drybrush of Bleached Bone, Scorched Brown Grass Flock
Teeth/Weapons: Dhedeb Stone, Devlan Mud
Head Crest: GW Mechraite Orange, GW Baal Red Wash, Mechraite Orange/Dwarf Flesh (50:50) highlight

So I finished up a full unit of skinks in 3 days, which I'm fairly happy about.
Finished Skink Unit
So the second unit of the Lizardmen Battalion polished off. Going to start the second unit of Sauras warriors today or tomorrow. I have to say I was delighted with how the airbrush worked out, it really took a lot of the donkey work out of getting the inital coats of paint down on the models. I'm going to use it in future to get this time consuming section of regiment painting done.

Until next time, stay painting,

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  1. Nice work dude. I like these, the colour is pretty nice.


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