Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Finished Vampire Counts Models

Hi gang,

I may have been quiet on the blog front but I've been busy. Firstly I've finished the Necromancer and about time too, as I was just getting to the point where I was sick at looking at it and wanted to move onto something else. I polished him off in a couple of hours to get him out of the way before I moved onto something else.

Finished Necromancer
Things I'm happy with: How the purple and yellow play off each other, the skin, the warpstone and the frog. Things that need work: The contrast
Things I would change: I'd change the base if I could go back.

So onto the next stage of the Vampire Counts army. I decided to do all the spirit units in the army in one foul swoop as I intended to paint them all the same. The airbrush really came into its own here. A undercoat of GW Foundation Astromican Grey followed by a zential highlight from the top of PP Morrow White. Once these were dry I gave each mini a wash with GW Thraka Green and Asurmen Blue. I then added my army colour to the units by picking out one or two objects with a light wash of GW Leviathan Purple. Enough of waffle...........photo's!


The snow on the base was made using a mixture of PVA and Biacarbonate of Soda. It's not perfect I'm still trying to get the mixtures right.

Ghouls and Dire Wolves next I think.

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  1. Great models mate, and the snow looks pretty good bud. If you get it down I'd like to see a tutorial.


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