Monday, 25 July 2011

Eye on CoolMiniOrNot No. 1

Welcome to a semi-regular addition to my blog. I plan to post links to anything I find interesting on CoolminiOrNot, not necessarily the best stuff but just stuff I find interesting and worth highlighting and comment.

So to start off here is this beautiful piece.

CoolMiniOrNot - GHOST Attack!!! detail by amon chakai

What I really love about this piece is not just the painting (amazing!), the composition (perfect) or the conversion's (flawless) but the fact it shows you can create an amazing piece of work from simple miniatures. You don't need the newest or biggest kit, just a great idea. This piece just draws you in and makes you start to wonder. Where in the Old World is this building? How did this poor bugger find himself in this horrible situation? Did that ghost just appear on the other side of the peasant's eyehole like a scene from a horror movie? If he did no wonder he turned tail and ran.

The painting is great, the strength of colour on the human emphasising that he's alive, which in turn contrasts beautifully with the cold blues and greys of the ghosts and wall and floor. The blending is perfect as is the fine detail work for the ghosts eye's and the humans warts.

Great work Amon chakai!

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