Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A little bit of everything!

Hi all,

I don't have any pictures of what I am working on just at the moment, but it's a Space Wolf Rune Priest, for an activity being run on Librarium-online for charity. 


I have been cleaning up some hobby photo's on my computer though and I have found one or two pictures that I have not posted on my blog. I painting a Avatar of War Dwarf Slayer for a secret Santa last Christmas. I sent him off in plenty of time for Christmas but I never heard if he was received. So fingers crossed he's in a dwarf army out there somewhere seeking heroic death forever. 

AoW Dwarf Slayer
I left his base untouched to give my secret Santa the change to base him as he see's fit. I did some messing with him in Picasa, mainly fixing the lighting, and creating the montage.
I don't remember too much about what sort of techniques I used painting him, but I do remember being particularly happy with how the metals turned out. Looking at him now I think I could have taken the highlighting of the skin a little bit further by adding bleached bone. 

I will update this blog next week with pictures of the Rune Priest and how I am getting on with him. 

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