Friday, 28 October 2011

Starting Warmachine

Turns out that I am very easily sucked in to new things by another person's excitment.

My wargamming buddy Phil, picked up the new Warmachine Starter box last week and in the intervening days we've been having a large email conversation about the game and warmachine in general.

My previous experience with Warmachine is very very low. I bought Prime MkI a couple of years back and never even finished reading the rules let alone having a game! I bought the orginal metal Khador battlegroup mainly for the miniatures and not in any great expectation of playing any games.

First Warmachine Purchase (can't believe I have this photo after 3 or 4 years!)
I have only ever painted one mini from that battlegroup

My first and only painted Warmachine mini
I'd say this guy was painted maybe 3 years ago? I remember being quite happy with the battle-damage and the glowing eyes. Looking at them now they could definitely be improved on. I am still quite proud of the rust effect I achieved with the metal though.

So for the last 2 to 3 years I've been happily beavering away on the great GW side of the hobby, having a look at any new Privateer Press releases that I came across online but never buying one apart from Durgan Madhammer when I picked up the MkI book.

I bought this guy because I thought he looked cool!
So Phil (and I'm sure hobbyists everywhere can recognise this) has gotten me really excited to give this game a try. So based solely on the fact that I already have one Merc Warcaster, and I love the look of the Merc Jacks (especially the marine ones) I've decided to start a Merc faction in Warmachine.

So last night I popped into my FLGS (Gamersworld in Dublin, which seemed to be running a huge MTG event) and purchased two items.

The current Warmachine Rulebook
The Mariner Warjack
So over the course of the long weekend in Ireland I'm going to sit down the the MkII rules and see what they are about, next week I hope to put together the Mariner, and on the 5th have my first ever game of Warmachine with Phil.

I am left with a couple of questions though. Having never played Warmachine before what will I get for the faction next? I was thinking the Merc Faction book, and the other Marine theme'd Warjacks as they really appeal to me. Maybe some Croe's Cutthroats and Steelhead Riflemen all units and mini's that I really like. Also where do I get the current up-to-date card for the Mariner? I think the one that came with him is for MkI.

More steam-powered adventures as and when they happen.

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