Wednesday, 2 November 2011

New additions to CoolMiniorNot

Hi gang,

I've added a couple of new pictures to my CMoN account. I've been looking through my photobucket account and picking out possible usable photo's. So while they are newly uploaded to CMoN there is some old paint jobs in here. I'd love if you voted on them.

Lord of the Rings Elf (Painted Approx 2004)Vote Here!

Dwarf Slayer (Painted Approx 2006) Vote Here!

Imperial Guard Pysker (Painted Appox 2006)Vote Here!
Imperial Guard Catachan Trooper (Painted Approx 2007) Vote Here! 
Ork Grot Cannon Loaders (Painted Approx 2005) Vote Here!

Old School Legion of the Damned (Painted approx 2008) Vote Here!
Lizardman Sauras Unit (Painted 2010) Vote Here!

Next update will have Warmachines!

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