Saturday, 5 November 2011

First Games of Warmachine

Hi all,

Phil and I have just spent the day playing our first ever games of Warmachine and what a blast we had! For the first game I went with Menoth and Phil went with Khador. We settled on a slightly unusual 16pt limit. My list consisted of mini's from the 2-player battlebox with some extra's. It looked like this.......

Protectorate of Menoth
16+5 points, 7 models,
high Exemplar Kreoss
*3 Exemplar Cinerators

So I deployed Kreoss fairly close to the Crusader with the Revenger on my left flank. The Repenter and Cinerators were on my right flank.
Menoth Deployment

Kreoss Deployment

Khador Left Flank

Sorcha Deployment

Over the first 2 turns both factions raced right at each other (like we had a pair!)

The Revenger blew through this unit 
And charged into the Widomakers behind, leaving the Crusader to mop them up
On the other side of the table things were not going so well.
The light Warjack was not able to take the huge hits or break the defence of the heavy warjack and eventually was boxed
The Cinerators did not have much more luck
Kreoss makes his move while Sorcha is looking the other way!

But in the end Sorcha overpowered him despite the Crusader running full steam ahead to try and lend a hand. With that our first game ended. What the rulebook said should be a 45 minute game took us the guts of 5 hours! I suppose this is what happens when tow beginners are looking up rules and stat's every couple of minutes. Despite the length of the game we had a great time though.

From here we decided to have a second game. I decided to play with a slightly different Menoth list at 15pts. Phil went with Cryx this time. My list was..........

Protectorate of Menoth
15+5 points, 4 models
High Exemplar Kreoss

I deployed Kreoss with the two heavy Warjacks with the Revenger on my left flank.
Initial Deployment
Phil's Cyrx Deployment
Deployment and Terrain (Is that a Rhino wreak in The Iron Kingdoms?)
Things did not go well from here!
Both my warjacks were destroyed by a combination of Dynergra's Feat, the Cryx warjack and the mechanithralls. On the other side of the board the Revenger was slowly but surely making it's way through the other thrall unit before being destroyed by Dynergra. Kreoss in the meantime was assualted by the heavy warjack, the bone jack  and the remaining mechanithrall. He succeed in killing them all but with only two wound boxes remaining. This left him weakened enough for Dynergra to charge across the board and finish him off one to one as the last two remaining models on the board.

This second game took only 3 hours, so we'd already knocked 2 hours off of our previous best! Another really enjoyable game with the winner coming down to a head to head between the warcasters.

Overall a great day of gaming. It's already given lots to think about. Coming from the GW universe the game definitely plays very differently. The over-aching meta-game with focus, feats and buffing/nerfing spells really is enjoyable. Added to the skirmish game feel of marking wound boxes and low number of models  it really gives the game a unique feel. Obviously being a newb I have not even scratched the surface to the possible synergy between warcasters, warjacks, units and solo's. It's something I look forward to discovering in the future.

Until next time..........

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