Saturday, 4 February 2012

Privateer Press WarRoom and Colossals

I've just seen the two new announcements from Privateer Press in relation to the next supplement of the Warmachine game. The Colossals look amazing and while we only saw actual physical mini's of the Khador and Cygnar units, the artwork for Cryx, Menoth and Mercenaries units look great. Also the news that the "legendary" versions of many of the famous warcasters will have many gamers (even privateer press noobs like me) drooling.

But the real exciting announcement for me is the iOS and android app "WarRoom". This announcement shows that PP as a company are willing to make brave decisions to move into areas that are not traditionally associated with tabletop gaming companies. Digital decks of cards and a card marking system, instant errata and updates, what looks like a digital issues of No Quarter, card sharing during games, a company sanctioned list creator and rule references.

How refreshing to see a miniature company moving with the times and using technology that will make games more dynamic and interesting. WarRoom really has amazing potential and I'm very excited to see how it works out and what develops from it.

Kudos' to you Privateer Press.

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