Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Pilot for the Dakkajet

Hi gang,

I've been able over the last couple of days to get some hobby in, and that entails continuing on with the Ork Dakkajet project I've started over the last couple of weeks. I have the initial work done on the body of the plane and I thought I could get started on the pilot.

So after about a two hour paint job on him, he has been finished and even if I do say so myself he looks delighted to be flying a plane!

His skin was very simple Vallejo Caymen Green with highlights of Vallejo Dead Flesh and a couple washes of the new GW Glazes to bring the Dead Flesh back down a little bit. The Bomber fleece jacket was just Vallejo Desert Earth and a wash of Devlan Mud. But I am most proud of his lips and ear tips with are done in a really simple way. A basecoat of Vallejo Dead Flesh, a wash of purple wash followed by a wash of Baal Red and jobz a gud un!

So now that the pilot is done I've no excuse to put off painting the highlights on each of these paint chips. SIgh..........


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