Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Skeleton Progress

Hi everyone!

So it's time to reveal what this blog will be about. For nearly the last 15 years I've been a huge fan of the miniature hobby. I was first introduced by a friend in school bringing in issues of Games Workshops hobby magazine "White Dwarf". I instantly was hooked by the images on the cover and contained within it's pages. Fantastical images showing gangs battling out in the underhive, massive titans dwarfing legions of troops, armoured warriors cleansing planet after planet in space and wizened Necromancers raising dusty skeleton troops to do his bidding. What young teenager could not be drawn in by those images and the ones imagined even more vividly, which occupied his mind instead of math, english and geography.

Unfortunately it turns out I was not good at the gaming side. It was either that or I just don't get enough games. My hobby is painting all these toy soldiers. I don't have the embarrassing stacks of grey plastic and metal that some gamers have but I hold my own. In 40K I've just put together the Dark Vengeance miniatures, I've also started work on Warmachine Khador Widowmakers and Hordes Minion Warlock Bloody Barnabas. But I really do want to finish off my large skeleton unit with spears for WFB, and that's what I have been working on lately.

Here's what I've done so far;

  1. Undercoat with White
  2. Wash bone with Secret Weapon "Dark Sepia" (Bone finished)\
  3. Basecoat metal with Vallejo "Hammered Bronze"
  4. Basecoat cloth with GW "Red Gore"

Current progress

This is 12 skeletons from the 30 man/skeleton unit. I've already 9 painted, with another 9 to go after these twelve are finished. I am going to wait until I have all 30 done before I finish their bases in one foul swoop.

Until next time thanks for looking in.



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