Sunday, 10 January 2010

My first game of Bloodbowl

What an awesome game Bloodbowl is! Myself and my mate had a barrel of laughs last night. I had never played before and Phil hadn't played in about five years so the game was a slow one as we conventially ignored the four minute a turn rule so I could pick up the rules as we went along. I must have picked them up fairly fast as the Huntsmen recorded their first ever victory 2-0 against Phil's Orc team. I might never play again to keep that 100% record!

The second score clinched it for me halfway through the second half as Phil was experiencing an injury crisis with two orcs stretchered off and one sent of for a particularly brutal play off the ball. The ball was knocked lose in a cruching tackle made by my blitzer against his catcher, it proceed to be fumbled by three pairs of hands. (A black orc, an orc linesman and my second blitzer) before it landed in the bread-basket of my catcher who was lurking dangerously, which left him with a short run in to the line. Phil promptly conceeded.

I only took too pictures as I was having so much fun I forgot the camera for the majority of the evening.

A general shot, the ogre provided a rock solid backbone to the centre of the field

An in action shot of the only pass I threw all game, which my catcher in the distance promptly fumbled. He redeemed himself the following turn by picking up the ball and running in for my first touchdown after some sterling blocking by my linesmen and blitzers.


  1. I love bloodbowl, we get it out everytime my brother come up to visit. I really should get some more teams for it, we've been playing it straight out of the box for years.

  2. Blood Bowl is a great game. Make sure you are using the newest rules available on the GW site as the competition rule pack. Most of it is far better than older verisons.

    Remember also that the game gets better within leagues were players advance and get skills. To mimick this in 1 off games or tournaments their are lots of different schemes for starting team values 100, 110, 125 and skills packages(everyone gets a skill, 5 players get a normal skill plus 1 player gets a double skill, get 100K in advancements ranging from skills to stat increases).


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