Sunday, 7 December 2014

Pre-planning and future shadowing from GW

Hi all,

I was flicking through the WFB rulebook last night and noticed this picture in the Dark Elves section of the fluff section.

Witch Elf!
It's the statue of Khaine in the background that caught my eye. WFB 8th editon was released in July 2010 and the following kit was released only last year. 

Cauldron of Blood
I think it's fairly obvious where the inspiration for the model came from, either the model designers were working on this kit while the book was in production or they took whole scale cues from the artwork in the the 8th edition rulebook.

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  1. I think this can also go both ways. I'm sure some of the artwork has also been inspired by some of the sculptors. Regardless it's cool to see a link like this. Thanks for sharing!


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