Saturday, 13 December 2014

First Game of Infinity

Hi all,

so Wednesday is our usual gaming night in Cavan. Last Wednesday we decided to play our first game of Infinity. I was proxying models from Necromunda as my Morat force in lieu of my delivery arriving. We also used the online starter rules to give us an idea of how the game plays.

One of the guys had bought some scenery packs so we used that to get started.


End of my turn one, where I moved everybody forward

Lieutenant has taken a wound and three other members are down!
Unfortunately I forgot to take any more photo's! We had a blast trying to figure through the rules without any rulebook. We had no objectives and I think Infinity might be a game that really benefits from specific objectives rather than a stand up shoot out.

In the end of the game everyone died to a man/alien as my leader shot the last human he himself was killed by the ARO.

We had a blast and I'm really looking forward to getting the rules and mini's over christmas.

Until next time,



  1. That table set up looks amazing. Very vivid and almost reminds me of a scene from a Judge Dredd comic. Does that scenery look as good close up? I hope so. Anyway, glad to hear that Infinity is promising.

  2. Very nice work.I will start follow your creative work.Very inspireing.Keep up the good work.


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